Sunday, December 20, 2015

They're Not Just 'Toy Robots'

In the 20th century nothing represented the spirit of the new technological age than the robot.  Robots were imagined as friends, helpers, liberators, and sometimes frightening rebels waiting for their chance to take control of Earth's destiny. Those images of the robot's role remain in the 20th century psyche, but the wonder isn't quite the same. Below are some examples of classic robot miniatures that rocked the imaginations of children and adults alike. And judging by the selling prices they're still immensely valuable to those who understand their place in modern history.

'1950's Japan Marubishi Co's Scarce Hook Robot - One of the most sought after of all 1950's tin plate Japanese Robots. Called "hook" Robot due to the Hook riveted on the head. Classic Skirted design with Block head. This robot has elegant yet Intricate litho details that inspire that most purist of robot collectors . This is the highly coveted light blue with silver mouth version . The arms roll freely at their sides While the friction power also causes the head to turn.' - Ozzie's Robot Toys & Collectibles

Sold At Auction: $1,900
'1950's Japan KO CO's Rare Spaceman with Rare Original Box - Nice working example of this desirable & rare 50's astronaut. Finished in a light blue & has a moving mouth that operates when the toy is in motion. Much more difficult to find than the red version. This version has nicer lithography details as well. Operates Via crank action.' - Ozzie's Robot Toys & Collectibles

Sold At Auction: $3,750

'1950's Japan Scarce !!!! Aoshin CO's Chime Trooper with Scarce Box- This is a super scarce piece that rarely surfaces. The chime trooper features wind up Bump & Go Action & a sound is also produced that many refer to as the "chime sound". Beautiful all tin lithography graces the classic skirted design. This toy is undoubtedly on the top of many high end collectors wish list..' - Ozzie's Robot Toys & Collectibles

Sold At Auction: $5,000

'1950s Friction Powered Space Adventure Robot with Incredibly Rare Original Box - Made by Yoshiya, Japan. - Clear plastic dome revealing a spinner beneath. This is a version of the coveted 'Space Trooper' distinctive because of its silver color. This is a rare robot that may have been a salesman's sample with a first design box. Certainly the name 'Space Adventure' is unique. Crank operated robot travels forward as the antenna inside the dome turns. Wheels in the base allow the robot to move but they are not eccentric and do not give the robot the waddling walk of the regular Space Trooper.' - Alphadrome Robot and Space Toy Database

Sold At Auction: $8,500

1950's Japan Scarce Deep Sea Robot with Ultra Scarce Original Box - Made by AHI, Japan. Extremely Rare Toy ( the rarest in this series ) & with ultra scarce original box. The Deep-Sea Robot carries an underwater gun and has neat 'piping' into his suit and helmet. There is reportedly only 2 or 3 of the Original boxes for this toy known to exist.

Sold At Auction: $9,500

1958 Scarce !!!! and Highly Desired Radicon Robot with Extremely Scarce Original Box - The first of Masudaya, Japan, 'Gang Of Five' series. The world's first radio remote controlled robot. Radicon has no litho and is instead finished in a steel gray textured finish giving him a true robot appearance. Torso is inset with an electric light and gauge. Controlled by a radio remote. The actions include moving forward & backward while also being able to turn. The eyes, mouth and ears light up. The copter on the left ear spins.

Sold At Auction: $31,000

And there it is: They're not just 'toy robots' - they're valuable artifacts of the 20th Century.

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