Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Curiosity Can't Show Us About Mars

The cities are underground!

Original Cinecolor theatrical trailer for the 1951 Monogram Pictures' space adventure, FLIGHT TO MARS, starring Cameron Mitchell, Marguerite Chapman and Arthur Franz.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

For Your Entertainment Pleasure: Beyond The Blue Horizon

Beyond the Blue Horizon from Bill Domonkos on Vimeo.

A short film by Bill Domonkos (2015)
Music: The Three Suns (Beyond the Blue Horizon 1940s)
Archive film footage from the Prelinger Archive.
Animation, compositing and editing: Bill Domonkos

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Long Ago And Far Away - The Empire Strikes Back (1950)

A brilliant Premake trailer of The Empire Strikes Back (1950 from whoiseyevan on YouTube:
Let's turn back the clock, shall we? Back to a distant time in an alternate universe far, far away... The 50s! It was a simpler age of 3-D movies, and robots named Robby, Gort, and Tobor. A hidden gem of this period in cinema is a little film called "The Empire Strikes Back", the second chapter in a planned three-part epic science fiction trilogy. While the preceding and succeeding episodes were never actually produced due to budgetary constraints, "Empire" shines as an example of 1950s 3-D space opera. The re-release of this trailer coincides with the 60th anniversary of this amazing film.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Seemingly Impossible Mission For Space Cadets In 1953

In 1953 Ralston foods began distribution of Space Patrol premium trading cards inspired by the popular 1950's TV and radio outer-space drama - one random card was included in every box of Wheat and Rice Chex. The complete set consists of 40 separate cards - needless to say, the collectors probably had to buy a whole lot of Chex cereals to get them all. But what good space cadet could resist trying? The collection came in three sub-sets - Space Heroes/Stars, Rockets/Jets and Weapons (it really should have been Rockets/Jets and Tech), and Planets. The three sub-sets are shown below - the full color illustrations are way cool. This full set auctioned at Hake's in May 2007 - the final winning bid was $4,437.62. It was the first complete set ever sold in Hake's 40 year history.  (Click on the images to enlarge)
Space Heroes/Stars
Rockets/Jets and 'Weapons'