Sunday, August 9, 2015

This Just In...In 1955

You can make that date for a trip to the moon around 1975. According to industrial designers of the American Iron and Steel Institute, development of new steels, able to withstand temperatures and corrosive conditions never before experienced, will enable huge man-carrying rockets to knife through the earth’s atmosphere into outer space, where our conquest of space will begin with establishment of space stations, fully manned and intricately equipped, and supply and launching bases for further exploration into the mysteries of space. If you are interested in flying saucers, the first practical flying saucer may turn out to be this plane that will carry passengers at speeds of 600 miles an hour. Six pivoting jet engines mounted around the edge of the plane will lift it up – and land it – almost vertically. ~ American Iron and Steel Institute, 1955

h/t Louis Cesar

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