Friday, January 29, 2016

The Sci-Fi Orbs As Imagined By Vargo Statten and René Brantonne

Les Fabricants de Soleil (The Sun Makers) 1952
English author Vargo Statten (aka John Russell Fearn) and French illustrator extraordinaire, René Brantonne teamed up a number of times during the 1950s and early 1960s creating works for the science fiction book series, Anticipation, published by Black River of France. Orbs of one kind or another figured prominently in Brantonne's cover art. Feast your eyes on these dandies from the 1950s.

La Planète Pétrifiée (The Petrified Planet) 1952
Course vers Pluton (Deadline To Pluto) 1953
Infernale Menace (English Edition: The Red Insects) 1953
A Travers les Ages (Across The Ages) 1954
Mystérieux Délai  (English Version: A Time Appointed) 1956
L'Homme Multiple (The Multi-Man) 1957

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