Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Is This Cool Or What...?

It's the 1968 Dr. Evil 'Lab Kit' deluxe boxed set by IDEAL.

In addition to the 11.5" tall poseable figure of Dr. Evil dressed in synthetic fabric jacket/pants, figure is complete w/separate sandals and medallion. Additionally, set includes 'Laser Gun, Reducer, Thought Sensor helmet, Dr. Thorpe Disguise, [and] Dr. Ling Disguise' (which is placed on added head mold, making for nice display), 'Lab Coat, Dessicator' and 'Hypnotic Eye' accessories/costumes.
This way cool Dr. Evil kit is on auction at Hake's for a nice little chunk'a'change - it's a wonderful artifact and it's hoped that whoever wins it will preserve it in good care.

All images via Hake's Americana and Collectables 

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